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Gift Guide for Creative People in Your Life

Creative people can be difficult to buy for when it comes to Christmas or their birthday. I don't know if I can smile through one more scrapbook kit that was designed in the 80's or a package of brushes made for oil painting when I'm a watercolor or acrylic girl. Our friends and family are wonderful for thinking of something specifically for our creative side but they tend to miss the mark on things we really want! So I've gathered some amazing gift ideas creatives would be thrilled to receive.

Scrap a ma bob cup holder
I get a little anxiety every time someone sits at my table for craft time and sit their big drink on it among our art supplies. I just know one day it's going to tip over and go all over my beautiful stuff! These Scrap a ma bob cup holders with attached trash cans are the perfect solution! They can screw onto any edge and hold even big 44 oz drink cups. It's so easy to unscrew and reassemble when moving from the home studio to crafting with friend…

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