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Bullet Journaling 101

About a year ago a friend of mine asked me if I ever BULLET JOURNAL. I didn't really know what it was but after just browsing for about 30 seconds online I didn't think it was for me. Then a few months later another friend showed me her bullet journal and it peeked my interest a little more. Hers was a little more personal than what I was seeing online and so I set out to learn what it was exactly.

What on earth is bullet journaling? Well, to be frank, it's a glorified record of your life. It's a cross between a planner, a scrapbook, a diary, and smash book. If you're still lost I'll try to explain it further. A bullet journal is an artistic diary where you have the freedom to draw your own planner, collections, and more.

This hooked me! Anything that I can get artistic with definitely is something I have to try! I bought a cheap journal to play with and haven't looked back. 

There are no rules when it comes to a bullet journal! You can add or leave out whatev…

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