3 Creative Ways to Connect with God in Just 10 Minutes

One issue that always comes up with my journey in crafting is TIME! I never seem to have enough of it.  As being a wife and mom comes first in life my crafting gets put to the side most days. But once God gave me this vision and purpose I have made my creative time more of a priority and I try to devote at least 10 minutes every day to it.

Here are some easy yet fun ways to creative connect with God in just 10 minutes.

#1  – Hand Lettered Verse

There are a multitude of sites and YouTube videos showing some simple hand lettering techniques. I keep a small journal where I take the verse of the day (usually my favorite from the week because I don’t do this daily) and I hand letter it. Doesn’t take very long and doesn’t have to be fancy. You could even hand letter onto a sticky note and stick it to the mirror or front of your journal.

#2 – Coloring

Everyone I know loves to color. It’s a great way to clear the mind and just meditate on God. I pre printed a bunch of coloring bookmarks and pages from online and some mornings will grab a few with my colored pencils and throw them in my purse. Super quick and can be worked on while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in the carpool lane waiting for your kids to get out of school.

#3 – Paint

I keep these small 5x7 flat panel canvases in stock because they are easy to make an abstract watercolor painting. The thing about watercolor is it has to sit to dry so you could quickly scribble a watercolor background and leave to dry. When you come back you can add a bible verse with marker or use vinyl to add one word.

Other Ideas

Here are two great resources if you’ve never tried bible journaling before. They have some simple and fun ways to dive in!

If you are needed some more inspiration check out my YouTube Channel for some bible journaling process videos!


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