How My Creative Prayer Journey Started

Who am I and What do I do? 

I’m sure you weren’t really asking that question but here goes anyway. The personal facts are I’m a mom to three amazing teens and been married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years. I love my church family, spend my time reading and crafting. I have a serious obsession with my dogs, seriously they are more spoiled than my kids. And I am not really an outdoor person. Sure I’ll hang and eat some BBQ but I’d rather be chilling at the kitchen table. I’m passionate about my faith and get super excited when I hear from the Ultimate Creator.

I've always been a crafty girl. Both of my grandmothers were very crafty and before I turned 15 I learned to crochet, sew, cross stitch, and some scrapbooking. When my daughter was born my husband gave me a gift of my first DSLR camera. I took about a thousand images a week but eventually learned photography basics and opened my studio in  2010. Then two years ago I got the crazy idea to start a craft business selling custom page kits and hosting my own 3 day retreats. I was more than a little busy.

His Plan Not My Plan

I began to pray about God's plan for me. I was going in so many directions I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing anymore. About a year ago I started a new journey with a vision God brought me. It all started when I visited a friend in Dallas and she invited me along to a Art and Soul class at her church. It was an amazing experience to say the least. I did my very first creative prayer and it changed me. God brought to my attention that I shouldn’t feel guilty about being a crafty person. Yes, I actually felt guilty about that. I thought for sure there were better things I should be spending my time on. I felt as if I was being selfish wanting to craft 20 hours a day instead of taking care of my family, serving the church, catching up on my TV shows, or exercising. But God reminded me in that class that I was made after his image. He is the Ultimate Creator right? So it made sense he made me crafty just like him.

I began diving into all kinds of artsy things bringing my faith right along with me. I jumped into bible journaling, creative prayer, and even became a consultant for Fun Stampers Journey which is a catalog business who sells stamps, mixed media, and paper crafting supplies emphasizing in Faith. I couldn’t get enough of it all. And I was sharing it with anyone who would listen! Eventually I started teaching a bible study group at my church where we combined learning with our crafting.

Two Become One

Then in July I decided to close my two separate businesses, combined the parts I liked about them, and rebranded as one cohesive business. I started Krista Marie Design which embraces all of my photography and art together. I was finally on God's path and have never felt more peace, he gave me a new vision and purpose. I decided to write my own creative devotional for fellow Christians who like me wanted to combine their love for crafting with their passion for the Lord.

Want Some Inspiration?

Along with my research I did come across some amazing sites that I think you’ll love as well.

The last year has been a roller coaster and I’ve learned so much about this business and about publishing a book. I’m so close!!! And on this journey ideas have struck. I want to host online and in person workshops specifically for faith based journaling. I’m excited to bring you along and share what God wants me to give. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me.

If you're just getting started in Creative Prayer or Bible Journaling be sure to check out My Favorite Bible Journal Supplies YouTube video.


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