My Favorite Podcasts for Everyday Listening

One of the top 10 habits of successful people is they read, all the time. Since I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the car or creating art I fill my time with podcasts. You can find podcasts for almost every subject. Everyone from experts who have 30 years experience to hobbiest who just want to talk and have fun. I learn something from them both! Here is a list of my favorite podcasts I’m currently listening to.

Creative Women International – Phily Page is 100% genius. Each week she talks about different aspects of running your own creative business and gives you homework to complete. She offers creative support along with a unique outlook for creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a hobbiest just selling a few items out of your home or an avid craft show and Etsy store front this is a must have on your list.

Live Inspired – Tracie Claiborne has a knack for drawing you in and getting the good stuff. Each episode Tracie interviews random people who live life to the fullest. She’s on a mission to discover what inspires them. She promises a behind the scenes look at the paper crafting industry.

Marriage Today – Created by Jimmy and Karen Evans right here in my home town, Marriage Today provides hope and help for marriage and family relationships. Anyone and everyone who is married or going to be married should tune in to find out God’s plan for your marriage and how to put it in motion.

Stuff You Should Know – Join Josh and Chuck as they explore stuff we don’t know but are interested to find out. They discuss everything from The Schoolhouse Rock to How Supervolcanos Work and even future things like How the Hyperloop Will Work. You’d be the life of the party when you whip out some knowledge!

Scrap Gals – Best scrapbooking podcast ever! Co-lead by Tracy Claiborne and Tiffany Lowder they talk about everything in the paper crafting world and a few things not. These gals will have you laughing, crying, and writing like a mad woman all the ideas you should try. My favorite episode is Get Your Big Camera Out!

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’d love to hear yours and add to my playlist!!


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