Where I get Inspiration


As an artist/crafter inspiration can come from anything. I remember one time I was looking at an old book in the thrift store and thought "Hum, that would make a great title on a layout!" With the evolution of camera phones I now whip out my phone when I see something cool and take a photo for reference later.

In the last few years most of my inspiration comes from the internet. Sites like Pinterest and apps like Instagram have taken crafting to a whole new level! Here are some of my favorite go to places for creative inspiration.

The Web 

Pinterest - Well duh! The other day I was reading a post on face book where a friend was asking ideas for some random craft project and someone had mentioned check pinterest. My friend responded, "Oh, I don't do the whole Pinterest thing." My jaw hit the floor. I didn't know anyone who wasn't on pinterest. Seriously guys, every person in my family has their own pinterest account on their phones or tablets and I have two older teenage boys and the hubby. Pinterest is for everyone!!! I have boards for home decor, crafts to try, projects for the kids, back to school ideas, outfits I like, books I wanna read, and most importantly information!!! I have two boards named "Learning the Job" and "Marketing". These are educational tutorial pins that have taken my crafting to the next level.

Instagram - This is new for me. I just started Instagram in April and I can see where I was missing out. To date I'm following 263 accounts. Things like hand letter experts, bible journalist, planner decorators, and fun stamper journey coaches. I also follow a lot of ministry account that posts quotes or verses. I tend to bookmark these for future inspiration. If you are constantly looking for verses or titles for your pages I highly suggest you take a gander at those I follow!

Not the Web

Craft Magazines - Yes, I still use craft magazines. However I don't use the printed version. There are a few you can get on your tablet via Nook or Amazon. I have a subscription to Card Maker from Barnes and Noble and every few months the magazine is automatically downloaded to my tablet. You can sometimes find craft books or magazines in the free ebooks section. I purged most of my printed magazines a few years ago because almost every one of the projects can be found online.

Nature - Artists should be outside every single day! Even in the rain and snow there is beauty all around us. When I'm really stuck and have no idea which direction to go I'll take a break, grab my coffee, and go sit on the porch. Sometimes I'll take a notebook to write or doodle. This particular page in my creative prayer journal was inspired after I spent 30 min outside praying. God showed me a girl in a field with her arms thrown back and hair in the wind just worshiping him.

Faith - Last but certainly the most important. I turn to God when I need to be inspired the most. When I go to him my heart is filled with hope and love. This comes out in my art. In my business I tell people I don't do deadlines. This is because my art reflects my feelings. If I'm having a bad day I won't work on a clients project. I have delivered way to many pieces that I didn't love because I just needed to get it done. When I'm feeling this way I just stop and pray. Sometimes it's immediate that he lifts me up and inspires me, and sometimes it takes a while. But he always comes through and my art is never better than when he's involved!

So what are some of your favorite ways to get inspired? Where do you turn?


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