Gift Guide for Creative People in Your Life

Creative people can be difficult to buy for when it comes to Christmas or their birthday. I don't know if I can smile through one more scrapbook kit that was designed in the 80's or a package of brushes made for oil painting when I'm a watercolor or acrylic girl. Our friends and family are wonderful for thinking of something specifically for our creative side but they tend to miss the mark on things we really want! So I've gathered some amazing gift ideas creatives would be thrilled to receive.

Scrap a ma bob cup holder

I get a little anxiety every time someone sits at my table for craft time and sit their big drink on it among our art supplies. I just know one day it's going to tip over and go all over my beautiful stuff! These Scrap a ma bob cup holders with attached trash cans are the perfect solution! They can screw onto any edge and hold even big 44 oz drink cups. It's so easy to unscrew and reassemble when moving from the home studio to crafting with friends.

Ott Lite 326003 

Being able to see what you're working on is top priority. I have two of these ott lights on my desk. I love the folding ones because you can get height when you need it, squishes down when you really need to brighten up a tighter area and it folds up for transport. Any crafter will tell you the luminosity these lights give off is top of the line.

Raskog Cart 

I know artists who have 2-3 of these carts in their studio and probably another 3 around the house. Three tiered and light weight make it perfect for holding supplies. Since it has wheels we can roll them anywhere it needs to go. I have mine filled with mixed media supplies and my most used tools. If they don't need one in the studio they could probably use it in their bathroom to hold toiletries or in the baby room for diapers and such. 

MAMBI Planner Kit 

We've all seen them. A planner is essential for any creative person to be productive. These Happy Planners are a step above productivity. I use mine to map out my week and then go back and fill it with photos and memorabilia to record my life. There is a wide range of accessories to go along with these planners including extra calendar pages, budget planner, fitness planner, stickers, stamps, and more. This specific link leads to the faith planner but there are many more to choose from! Just make sure to get an undated planner in case your creative already has one or needs to start it later than dated.

Craft Tote FSJ

Appz 9x12" this tote is the perfect size for keeping all your tools or most used supplies handy. I love all the individual cubbies and pockets. I keep my favorite tools in it and it fits perfectly in the raskog cart. You can get the tote from Fun Stampers Journey!
Image result for fun stampers journey craft tote

Bullet Journal 

I think just about every creative person has heard about bullet journaling. What's not to like about it? Just a book, pens, and a ruler and you've got everything you need! They can get creative journaling their day, week, month, favorite books, places they've visited, and so much more. I started a bullet journal this year and can picture my grandchildren flipping through it some day learning all about my everyday life!

Huhuhero Fineliner Color Pen Set

I adore this set! This fineliner color pen set is perfect for bullet journaling. Even if they don't do bullet journaling creatives can use this pen set in their planners, every day art, or scrapbooking. 

ITART Flexible Goosneck Clip for Phone 

Since the outbreak in YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and cell phone cameras creatives have been sharing their art online. This clip will attach to any edge and holds most phones. I use mine above my desk to record videos and to take clear photos of my art. If your creative doesn't use their phone to share their art they could still use this clip to set up when recording videos of the kids, programs at church, and more!

Pink ATG Gun

The best versital adhesive on the market. I love my ATG gun. I use it for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media, and most basic glue jobs around the house. Once you buy the gun you just need refills rolls which when you compare price per foot with other leading tape rollers you'll see is less costly. I go through a ridiculous amount of adhesive so the lower the price per square foot is important for me. 

There you have it! Any one of these items are sure to make the creative in your life happy. If you're still not 100% you could always send them a link to this article and let them pick out the gift themselves! Either way your gift will help them get organized and craft better. 

Have other ideas? Let me know in the comment section!!


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