Start Your Own Creative Prayer Journey

Creative Prayer is the perfect combination between crafting and spending time with the Lord. I use my prayer book to speak with God and to interpret what he wants to say to me. There are many times I look at my art when I'm finished and I can hear so much from our Father.

Two years ago a friend invited me to her church for an Art and Soul workshop. It was the first art prayer I'd ever done. I had never thought about praying while I created. The leader had us start a prayer together then we went into silent time where we continued our own prayers with our Heavenly Father and asked him to guide us in our creative process.

Click here to learn more of How My Creative Prayer Journey Started 

I was changed forever! What resulted from that workshop can't be explained. It inspired me to continue my creative prayer journal at home and even to start a crafting class at my church. This eventually lead to God telling me to publish my upcoming book A CHILD LIKE ME. Click on the link to download a sample.

There's just a few things you need to know to start your own creative prayer journey.

Gather Supplies

Basic art supplies (markers, pens, water colors, paints, etc)

 An Art Spiral 

There's a lot more that I've added to my stash over the year like stamps, gelatos, stickers, etc but these will get you started. 

I keep all my bible journal and creative prayer supplies together so it's easier when I start my process. I don't like having to hunt for things while I'm praying. I have a bin on my desk that everything fits in. If I'm going to be doing something specific like painting I'll go ahead and gather my paints and plug in my hair dryer to make things dry faster.

Get Distraction Free

Find a place in the house that will give you the least amount of distraction. My favorite time to journal is the hour before the kids wake up in the morning. I love this time because the dogs are still in the kids rooms, hubby is off to work, and more than likely no one is needing to text or call me. I turn my phone onto silent just in case, turn on some light worship music, and shut myself into my craft room. 

Set Your Mind on God

Once I have my space set up, coffee made, and worship music playing I start by closing my eyes and praying to the ultimate creator. I tell him I want to spend some time with him and how much I need him. I begin with my worship and praise and thank him for another amazing day he's given me. Then I ask what he wants to tell me. What does he want me to know? Then I relax and wait. Sometimes it comes to me immediately. Other times it takes a while. Sometimes he has me look up something in the bible. Other times I'm grabbing the pencil and while keeping my eyes closed just start scribbling. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I'm being guided by God.

Grab a few colors that are calling to you and create with abandonment. This isn't about perfection, it's about your time with God and what he wants to speak to you. Draw whatever is on your heart. 

You're On Your Own

At this point I can't really tell you the next step. Only God can guide you through your creative process and tell you when you're finished. Once I've completed my art project I use the next few moments to write out my prayer or reflection on the opposite page. I've had many revelations in my prayer process and don't want to forget them so this is a great way for me to remember. The Lord shows us many things if we ask. If you're not quite sure what he's telling you then pray some more. 

You've Done It

The first creative prayer is always the hardest. I remember being so excited to get home and do it again. I now schedule my creative prayers at least once a week and look forward to getting up and spending my first hour with God. If you are looking for ideas or inspiration hop over to my YouTube channel, Instagram, or search for me on Pinterest! Here are some of my own entries you might get inspired from.


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