My Artist Bucket List

Bucket lists. 

We all have them. Whether we write them down or just have a secret desire they are in the back of our mind. For 2018 I wrote down 18 things I wanted to get done. Things like take my kids on an amazing vacation (done), see Fluffy Live (done), and sit in a hot tub in winter (hoping it gets cold enough to do this one). 

One of my Facebook groups posted a fun question asking what our Artist Bucket List was. This got the gears turning. I hopped online and started making my list. Here is what I came up with.

1. Leave my art for a stranger to find. I've seen this done for black Friday around big cities and wanted to start it here in my home town. Maybe this year I'll finally make it happen.

2. Sell a painting or art piece to someone famous. To know that my art is hanging in a celebrity's home would be so cool!

3. Learn to paint portraits. It's much more difficult than in looks people.

4. Teach a workshop on the east coast and west coast. Of course I want to teach all in between but this would be a great one for the resume. 

5. Be brave and do some street art. Not necessarily legal either. I'd love to leave a bold statement somewhere. Not sure if this one will ever come to pass. I'll be so scared!

6. Publish a creative devotional. Been working on this one for years. Have to get it done!!!

7. Have one of my art pieces go viral. Don't care if it sells for a bunch, I just want it to move a bunch of people. I want people to see it and be awestruck.

8. Go to an artist retreat. Been to many scrapbook ones. I'd love to go to one the really big ones and meet other artists, take some classes, and just spend a few days working on my art. 

9. Create a secret family recipe. Would be great to pass down through the ages. 

10. Visit the Louvre. Does this one need an explanation?

I'm sure over the next few years I'll have more to add to this list. So what is on your artist bucket list? Leave me a comment below to let me know. 


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