Bullet Journaling 101

About a year ago a friend of mine asked me if I ever BULLET JOURNAL. I didn't really know what it was but after just browsing for about 30 seconds online I didn't think it was for me. Then a few months later another friend showed me her bullet journal and it peeked my interest a little more. Hers was a little more personal than what I was seeing online and so I set out to learn what it was exactly.

What on earth is bullet journaling? Well, to be frank, it's a glorified record of your life. It's a cross between a planner, a scrapbook, a diary, and smash book. If you're still lost I'll try to explain it further. A bullet journal is an artistic diary where you have the freedom to draw your own planner, collections, and more.

This hooked me! Anything that I can get artistic with definitely is something I have to try! I bought a cheap journal to play with and haven't looked back. 

There are no rules when it comes to a bullet journal! You can add or leave out whatever you wish. What works for one person may not work for another which is why bullet journaling is so great. You take a blank journal and fill it with whatever you want to record.


Chances are you already have everything you need to bullet journal except maybe the journal itself. There are many options when it comes to journals. Most people use a dot matrix journal like the Moleskin or Leuchtturm brands. I found a great one at Michael's for $5. Some choose to use a blank paged journal or even a composition notebook. I've included a few links below to help you choose!


After you pick your journal the other supplies are pretty easy. Just raid your kids art bin! I use markers, pens, colored pencils, washi tape, and watercolors in my own. Use what you have or splurge a little on some new pretties. I also have an awesome stencil ruler combo that I keep in my supplies. Makes drawing basic shapes and lines super easy. 

Here are some of my favorites

Get Artsy

Here's where you decide what's best for you. I love to fill my bullet journal with monthly spreads of each month to keep track of what I did for that month and a lot of art and collections. You can print a calendar spread off the computer to glue in or you can do like me and draw it yourself. I then fill it with family activities, work things, special dates, etc. This is not my regular planner where I keep track of all my appointments hour by hour. This is just a general idea of what I did for the month. Some people like to even include weekly layouts where they go into more detail. Some use their bullet journal as their full planner. It's completely up to you to use it for whatever you wish. 

Collections are my favorite thing in my bullet journal. I have things like what books I've read, places I've visited, my weight loss journey, bible verses I want to do bible journaling for, and more. This is going to be something my grandchildren and great grandchildren might read some day. I love creating collections for them to know more about me. I use a lot of color to record my life. 


If you are looking to get into bullet journaling social platforms have a ton of information. I love all the ideas available out there!

Facebook groups - I'm a member of a few bullet journal groups that range from beginners that ask a bunch of questions when getting started to groups that are more artistically talented and really create some beautiful spreads. 

Instagram - There's some great artists who post bullet journal spreads. Check out these hashtags... #bulletjournaljunkie #bujumonthly #bujucollection I have a whole collection album from just ideas I've found through instagram. I post a few on my feed which you can check out at Krista Marie Design on Instagram.

Pinterest - This is where I started. Search terms like Bullet Journaling or Buju Collections or even better just hop over to my pinterest board at Krista Marie Design on Pinterest and check out all the ones I've pinned. Loads of ideas!

Youtube - I love to watch monthly flip throughs or yearly flip throughs people post. I get some great ideas for simple layouts. Subscribe to my channel Krista Marie Design on Youtube to catch my latest videos including Bullet Journaling 101 and all things creative!

Local Meet Ups - I host a monthly bullet journal meet up in Amarillo where ladies come together to fellowship and exchange ideas. You should check your local community to see if anyone is offering one and if they aren't, start you own! Hop over to my facebook events page to see when the next one is!

I'm so glad my friend introduced me to Bullet Journaling back in December. My bullet journal is filled with things I know future generations will enjoy reading through. And it's fun for me to look back over my year to see all the amazing things I've done!


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